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The Xiaomi / Tencent – BlackShark 3 is the ultimate gaming phone. How good is it, and what are it’s specs? Let’s find out!
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The BlackShark III is the third generation gaming phone that Xiaomi has just recently launched, this time in partnership with Tencent Gaming. The Black Shark has, the latest, Snapdragon 865 processor and liquid cooling and comes with 8 or 12 GB of memory. It’s got a 90Hz AMOLED display that has an improved, 270Hz, input sampling time to react faster to touch inputs; which could be crucial when gaming. This screen is sharp and, at 500 nits, is very bright as well. -Even though its not a 120 Hz display which could have been preferred, it is a very nice display,

Other notable features on the phone are the headphone jack, the 18-watts charger on the back of the phone. Also, the front-facing dual speakers that give a very loud, and quite an impressive sound experience for a phone are worth noting here.

It looks and feels like a gaming phone, with LED lights on the back of the phone that can be set in color and pattern from the OS and it’s got a dedicated “Shark Space” button which will load the gaming environment. In this gaming environment, you can set the phone to automatically reject calls, not receive notifications and optimize the processor and memory for an optimized gaming experience.

The operating system is called “JoyUI” which is heavily based on MIUI11 -Xiaomi’s Android-based operating system. The main differences here are the optimization for gaming, with dedicated monitors for memory, etc..

The phone also has cameras; 4 in total to be exact.
The front-facing, 20 MP selfie camera, and 3 backside cameras for regular 64 MP photos, a wide-angle lens, and a portrait photo depth camera.
It’s quite obvious that camera performance was not high on the list for the design of this phone as the cameras are not really that great but are ‘acceptable’.

Xiaomi also sells a whole bunch of accessories for this phone including Bluetooth earphones in the same look as the phone, a game controller and a cooling fan to keep the CPU and GPU cool for optimal performance. -There should be a gaming keyboard for it as well, but so far that has not been launched.

The gamepad is pretty small and quite convenient; the main downside is that it needs to be attached with the protective cover being on the phone and it will obscure the 3.5 mm headphone jack. From the phone, I can select to add a left and a right handle for the game controller but, at the time of making this review, only the left handle was available. The right handle looks like the previous generation so perhaps they will be back in store soon again.

Overall the phone is fast, the screen is big and very bright and all combined it looks like a great gaming phone. It’s benchmark scores were very good as well; especially the 3dMark scoring came out very good.

The looks of the phone are not my favorite, as it does not look like my main daily driver to bring with me and it might not be for everyone. -But it surely is a great performing phone for gaming.

You might want to see it being a PSP-, or, Nintendo switch-alternative that comes with 5G and the latest processing power, with the added benefit of being able to call and text from; it’s actually a great performing “phone”.

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