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The Walmart Gaming PC — the Overpowered DTW1 — is back almost a year later. We’re re-reviewing the Walmart Gaming PC to see if it has fixed its problems.
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In this video, we’re testing the Walmart Overpowered DTW Gaming PC. We tried to order the DTW3 again, but it appears to be out of stock (or was at time of purchase, anyway). We waited a few weeks for it to be restocked, but that never happened, so we now assume that Walmart is clearing inventory and not restocking. Prices have been cut tremendously on the Walmart DTW1 and DTW2, for those that remain, and now it’s a question of whether it’s worth it just for parts (or a cheap gaming PC). Unfortunately, it seems that some things don’t change, and that Walmart still managed to make some big mistakes. A few things improved, too, but, well, watch the video to see the rest.

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Host, Editorial: Steve Burke
Editorial, Testing: Patrick Lathan
Video: Andrew Coleman

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