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Timestamp for Episode 244 of the Weapon Wheel Podcast

Pre-Show Preambles (0:00)

Panel Introductions (19:00)

Halo 3 arrives on PC on July 14 (20:17)

Persona 4 Golden on PC has sold 500,000 copies (21:44)

Kingdoms of Amalur Re-Reckoning (29:25)

Superchat Break #1 (31:46)

Sony reveals the box-art for Spiderman: Miles Morales for PS5 (42:50)

Phil Spencer says exclusives counter to what gaming is about (43:14)

Superchat Break #2 (1:08:16)

WWE 2K Battlegrounds gameplay reveal (1:15:03)

JimmyBRiskingCovid-19 (1:17:13)

Shadow Warrior 3 was announced (1:18:54)

UFC4 was announced (1:19:35)

Rumor that Microsoft is interested in acquiring WB Games (1:22:33)

Superchat Break #4 (1:26:05)

Some small topics (1:28:19)

Ubisoft Forward 2020 (1:35:06)

Superchat Break #5 (1:51:58)

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