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The E3 is the biggest gaming event of the year. And like any big event it has had it’s fair share of embarrassing moments. Get ready for the top 5 epic E3 fails of all time.

5. Every Kinect presentation

We all now know the Kinect has no place in gaming. But boy did Microsoft fail to convince us otherwise with their E3 presentations. There’s the famous avatar shoe fail from Kudo… Cringeworthy child actors being way too into it… and adults acting like complete morons. Let’s be thankful that we no longer have to endure this painful crap.

4. Mr Caffeine – Ubisoft E3 2011 press conference

It’s sad really that most hardcore gamers know exactly what you mean when you say Mr. Caffeine. This host made sure that Ubisoft’s 2011 press conference was full of uncomfortable silences by his horrible attempts at humor. Mr. Caffeine! Your lame Wayne World’s reference is only making this audience contemplate suicide.

3. Sony’s E3 2006 Press Conference

The Sony E3 presentation of 2006 was absolutely hilarious for all the wrong reasons. They revealed that the PS3 would have an expensive launch price of $599 dollars … Kaz Hirai got completely overexcited while emulating Ridge Racer … And who can forget the giant enemy crab in Genji 2 after the producer stated that the game was based on actual Japanese history.

2. Jamie Kennedy – Activision E3 press conference 2007

Remember the time when Jamie Kennedy showed up drunk and high as hell to host Activision’s E3 press conference in 2007? We hope you don’t cause the amount of awkwardness on display makes the whole thing hard to watch. We’re embarrassed for him and somehow surprised he didn’t get shot after bombing this hard.

1. Konami 2010 Press Conference

The Konami 2010 Press Conference is probably the worst conference in the history of E3. I mean we could fill this entire top 5 with this beautiful disaster of a show. There is an abundance of memes that came from this conference. Thanks Konami for giving us this extreeeeeeme piece of E3 history.


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