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Hi friends 💛 My new song Rule The World is OUT NOW. Watch the video here & my earlier music here
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00:00 Warrior Song feat. Stasia Estep / Artwork by
01:57 Origin / Artwork by Valve
03:59 Ascendancy / Artwork by Kunkka
04:48 Nemesis / Artwork by Valve
06:11 Origin Reprise / Artwork by Valve
07:54 Elevate / Artwork by Toasty
10:35 Kingdom Come / Artwork by Valve
11:24 Mad Moon Falling / Artwork by Sandara
12:49 Threnody / Artwork by kovah www.kovah.co.uk Twitter: @kovahs_art
14:34 Envelope / Artwork by liangbinge
16:48 Reminiscence / Artwork by Valve
19:10 Afterlife /Artwork by Valve

Art by gtgraphics

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