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The Truth About Day of Dragons
**Please do NOT go and witch hunt. The dev team and their supporters do not deserve trolls and childish behavior that comes out of witch hunts**
Day of Dragons is a very strange thing. This video is meant to try and shed light on the events surrounding the project during it’s very successful Kickstarter campaign, and everything that followed. We all want this kind of game, and I think before we can place trust, we need some answers. There is too little evidence and information to stand behind it. There are too many shady things happening and it just leaves a bad taste in a lot of people’s mouths. I hope you take the time to really hear all of this, and that you research all of it yourself as well. I welcome all evidence and information to clear any of this up!

For those of you who wanted me to play the game, this is why I haven’t and will not ever.

All of the links are here:

“Suspicious Findings” Google Doc:

“Day of Scams” website:

Day of Dragons Kickstarter Page:

Play Dawn O’ Dragons for free, courtesy of IcyCaress:

Assets Used in Day of Dragons Tech Demo:
Redwood forest collection:
Dune Desert Landscape:
Conifer Forest Collection:
Irval the Wyvern:
Elemental Dragon:
Unka the Dragon:
Stealth System:
Advanced Menu System:
Dialogue Plugin:
Dragon IK System:
Quest Extension:
Save Extension:
Factions Extension:

Check out Jia Hao on Artstation:

Discord Public Call in Full:

“Talk Summary” Goodle doc:

Jao saying he doesn’t want another programmer:

Jao stating he’s saving sounds and models for content creators to give a “final push” for the Kickstarter:

Other Dragon Games in development:
Dragon Game Project:

I wouldn’t recommend supporting Day of Dragons until this is cleared up. We patiently await answers and evidence.

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