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Guys, after months of research I fully believe this is one of the best ways to have an awesome PS4 Streaming Setup. I really believes this saves the most money without building out something crazy!

Here is the exact Dell PC that I bought it is working great!!


Dell PC – 260 Bucks
PS4 – 200 Bucks
AT2020 Mic – 150 Bucks
ELGato HD 60 S – 200 Bucks
WebCam – 60 Bucks
Ethernet Splitter – 20 Bucks
Ethernet Chords – 20 Bucks
Extra Monitor / TV – 100 Bucks

For all that, you can have a SUPER HIGH QUALITY STREAM without spending a fortune, but it will cost a bit!

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Giveaway Info

For these types of real life Fortnite items, I am buying them from professional artists and then shipping them to a WINNER! Live on stream I will select from my list of instagram followers, or Twitch Followers, or Twitter, or whatever platforms I choose! Then I will contact the winner and arrange for shipping!

All you need to do is “follow me” on all my channels and comment and like the things you enjoy – but especially on my latest videos. I am always reading the comments of my videos and responding, so the more often you comment…I may just notice and give you extra entries!

And that takes care of it 🙂 Then await the giveaway which should start before Christmas!

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Special Thanks

To OGCLOUD, Poonah, Rawmbo and Ave – for keeping me playing and always having a good time with me. Even when I talk too much, get annoying or complain – you stick it out and we get the dubs – to many more a Victory Royale and many a more hilarious late night enjoying the community of gaming.

Love y’all 💕