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However the kid ended up fabricating everything.

On March 30, 2019, a teenager from Mexico claimed on Facebook that their art had been stolen by Epic Games to create the Taro skin for Fortnite. They provided two digital drawings from their Deviantart page that bear a striking resemblance to Fortnite’s Taro skin. These drawings both had upload dates that predated the official reveal and release of the Taro skin. This Facebook post was spread through other social media platforms such as Twitter and Reddit, eventually picking up steam on online news sites such as Forbes. The controversy was large enough that Epic Games announced that they would be investigating these claims. On March 31, 2019 at roughly 5 p.m., the teenager who made the original claims deleted their FaceBook post, wiped the image from their dDeviantart page, and changed the names of their Deviantart account. These actions were probably in response to the growing counter claims that the teenager had falsified their proof. Posts on Reddit and Deviantart were noting that the timestamps for the art could be manipliated through Deviantart’s edit function. Thus creating the illusion that the two drawings were posted months or years before the skin’s release. By the evening of that day, most social media posts supporting this teenager were likewise deleted. Epic Games has not provided an official statement on their findings or the teenager’s response as of April 1.

Pyro-Zombie’s post:
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Ironically enough I am not linking the source of the deviantart page of the fake art. Under the assumption that the artist does not want their name to be known. If you are the teenage artist who made everything up and would like your credit to be included, feel free to message me.

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