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I personally love the sound of this piece. I hated making it due to some issues though.

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Okay so the reason I hated making this piece is because I was an idiot, and I’d somehow managed to cause my computer to crash. Naturally this corrupted the project file, and I had to make the entire bloody thing from scratch. I even had one of the most awesome melodies ever when I was about to finish it up, and I couldn’t replicate it when I came back to the project file so it’s forever lost to the abyss.

Anyway now on to the background for this bit of music.

I actually made this as a tribute to the now missing YouTube user “HellkiteDrake”. If you were a fan of him and his music, you may have noticed that this piece “Soul Splitter” is heavily inspired by his tracks “Searching For The Sun” and “Abysswalker”. He was a pretty epic musician and he had a rare thing, which was an ear for atonal music and that had made me admire both himself and his works quite a lot.

I didn’t mention him in the title nor did I mention that this was related to the Souls Series in any way through the title. This is because I feel that HellkiteDrake may not truly desire people to be doing stuff like remembering what he seemingly wants destroyed. This is less of a tribute to his channel, and more of a tribute to the man behind the account instead. So I’ve done this out of nothing but respect and admiration.

Other than that, this piece was made to be an epic battle theme. One to play games to. Any fighting game or RPG at all would do, even though I had stuff like Soul Calibur and Dark Souls in mind when I was writing it. There was actually a touch of inspiration from the “Hyrule Warriors” game’s soundtrack too, come to think of it. It is one hell of a kick-ass soundtrack and if you haven’t checked it out then you’re missing out big time.

That’s about all for this description. A little anti-climactic that’s true, but I’ve covered basically everything you could ever need to know about the piece.

Ah, I’ll also be uploading more frequently now. So look forward to seeing more works from me! I’ll try to squeeze in something for Halloween as well.

Hope to see you around, description lurker! :b