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A group of voice actors dub the dialogue from Sonic 06… in one take… with zero rehearsal. This is the result.

Sonic –
Shadow –
Silver –
Tails and Rouge –
Knuckles and Amy –
Eggman –
Mephiles –
Elise –

Game footage provided by Windii

“His World” by Zebrahead instrumental recreation by PryinBrian

“My Destination (His World Remix)” by NemesisTheory

“Sonic 2 Boss Orchestra” by The Blake Robinson Synthetic Orchestra:

“We Like to Party (Hugh Graham Bootleg)” by Hugh Graham

“Darude – Sandstorm Orchestra Remix” by T.L.B. Orchestration

“Dramatic Pumpkin Hill” by Ryan Mitchum

“Real-Time Fandub” originally created by Charley Marlowe

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