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SLUDGE LIFE – The newest game from publisher Devolver Digital is out now on PC and is COMPLETELY FREE via the Epic Games store! This short slice of Sludge Life gameplay showcases the games hilarious world, graffiti gameplay, humanoid pigeons and…a giant turd!

If you’re a fan of the classic Jet Set Radio franchise then this game could be your new favourite thing, Sludge Life is an open world graffiti game with an incredible art style, traverse the world and tag locations marked with a blue spray can! Talk to the residents within Sludge Life and you’ll be pleasently surprised by just how weird and wonderful they all are! Just don’t expect the finest quality toilets in Sludge Life… some are filled with snakes… others are filled with giant turds! You win some you lose some.

Sludge Life is the free Epic Game this week along with Borderlands The Handsome collection and I urge you to grab both. Honestly if you’ve been dying for a new Jet Set Radio game then check out this Sludge Life gameplay, I’m sure you’ll be racing over to check it out!

*Sludge Life is out now and is free on the Epic Games store, a graffiti game with plenty of style and irreverant humour, all gameplay was captured on PC at the highest settings*