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Shadow of the Colossus All Battle/Boss Theme Songs non-stop.

One of my favorite games finally on the PS4… I must be dreaming, because i still can’t believe we actually have a new SoTC with updated graphics to play; and in honor to this great masterpiece i decided to compile all of the songs that can play when we are battling those majestic and colossal creatures. So enjoy, cause I did this one with love. ❤️ Oh and before i forget, the songs are ordered in a way that my mind finds memorable and i placed the transitions very close to one another for i wanted that feeling of non-stop excitement and awe. I left out the songs called ‘Silence’, ‘Black Blood’ and ‘Creeping Shadow’ because they are ominous and would get the video to feel very calming, which is not my intention, but i made a video with just those three songs now, you can find a link for it if you go down in the description 🙂

Song order:
0:04 – Grotesque Figures
2:01 – The Opened Way
3:51 – A Violent Encounter
5:41 – Revived Power
7:50 – A Despair-Filled Farewell
9:55 – In Awe of the Power
11:57 – A Messenger From Behind
13:41 – Counterattack
15:37 – Liberated Guardian
17:37 – Gatekeeper of the Castle Ruins
19:32 – Demise of Ritual
21:48 – The End of Battle
23:25 – Final Battle

Shadow of the Colossus Passive Battle Songs –

The Last Guardian Battle Songs –

All credits for these Mythical pieces of an epic soundtrack goes to composer Kō Ōtani… I want to truly thank everyone who likes team ICO’s games as much as i do, stay awesome and searching for mysteries guys 😀

…Also, i have other interesting videos with boss soundtracks if anyone is interested, mostly about the soulsborne series 🙂