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What’s up fellow Bloxxers!
Welcome to my channel. If you’re up for some Funny Gameplay Montages, Tips’n Tricks or just wanna spend time on your mobile? You’re in the right place! Check out the best and the funniest Roblox content out there and play some Roblox!

First video on this channel! and yeah i know, its awesome. xD
this video is connected to its next one where I, jeeeeesus and Huycool will duke it out on FFA gamemode, which the links i will post here as soon as the video comes out.
And here it is!

There was a few music in the video that was copyrighted, and I decided to remove it. It let the video quality down a little bit, but it seems like you guys are enjoying it! As right now, 15th of March 2015, there is 30 likes and 0 dislikes 😀 / Update: the next day, 31:1.. q-q someone had to dislike..

Have any questions? Ask in the comments! And make sure to leave some suggestions or words of encouragements for me. Anything will help!