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Everything YOU need to know about Sony’s new Playstation 5, VS Microsofts XBOX TWO aka (project Scarlett, aka Infinite) VS Gaming PC

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As we enter the next-generation of home consoles in 2020, there’s one gaming area who’s a constant, always fighting the good fight, and representing some of the best gaming in the world — the PC. As Sony and Microsoft continue to innovative and create home consoles, the PC is there, chugging along and showcasing some pretty impressive statistics. So as you head into the new year and start saving your money — get ready as we provide the ultimate guide to gaming with the PS5, Xbox Two, and PCs.

We will break everything down for you, including the impressive 4K graphics and visuals all these consoles will tout. We break down all of the controllers, including the new PS5 controller, the advances in the Xbox 2 controller, and a wide variety of PC controllers. Learn about exclusive games for each device and how having those games can make a huge difference when you play. Also, we will take a deep look into the world of online gaming including the gaming communities, various ways to chat, and how to build a network of friends through the various devices. Each new console also has some cloud streaming services that will completely change the way people play games, access them, and pay for various titles. On the PC, some of the cloud gaming services are in beta while others are off and running, allowing all types of PCs to run and play games without needing the high-end equipment and details. So join us at The Gamer as we break all of these elements down and provide you with everything you need to know about the PC, PS5, and Xbox 2!