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Hey guys! I finally got the new Call of Duty game: Modern Warfare. I’ve really been enjoying it so far! I just hit level 50 I think. I’ve been using the MK2 Carbine and the FR 5.56 mostly. My FR 5.56 is like level 55 already haha.

I had the pleasure of playing with our friendly neighborhood gamer: ASMR Gaming News. If you’re not familiar with him, go check him out! He is the ultimate ASMR gaming channel, and the rate at which he puts out his quality content is undeniably impressive.

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If you’re unfamiliar with ASMR, I’ll do my best to explain.
ASMR (Or Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response if you want to sound smart) is the given name for a tingly sensation felt in the scalp triggered by soft noises like tapping, whispering, light scratching, clicking and so on. I’ve found it helpful to use nails on a chalkboard as a good example of a strong physical feeling reacting to a sound, just imagine the polar opposite of that. Instead of a very harsh terrible sound shooting chills up your spine, ASMR is a very pleasant tingle starting on your scalp and moving down your spine as a reaction to very soft, quiet and gentle sounds.

However, not everyone can experience these ASMR “tingles” (theyre reel giys, i sware.) In fact its been estimated that roughly only 10% – 20% of people can experience it. Whether or not it can be developed or is just something you were born with, no one can say for sure.

For those that can’t experience it, I’m sorry friend, it is a very nice feeling.
However, a large portion of ASMR viewers cannot actually experience ASMR. Or maybe at one point could, but can’t anymore. (See: ASMR Immunity) They watch the videos because, tingles or not, the videos are always centered around being calm and relaxing. They’re perfect for watching when you’re having trouble sleeping. They can effectively take your mind off of everything, and lull you into a sleep.

Its pretty neat stuff! Hopefully this all makes sense, whoever you are. Thanks for being here!

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