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Playing FORTNITE BATTLE ROYALE Duos with Worldwide Creative Director of EPIC GAMES, Donald Mustard!

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1. Remember, we are a family in this stream. We treat other with respect even if their opinions differ from our own. You can have different opinions without cutting someone else down.
2. No swearing.
3. No dirty jokes.
4. Be nice.
5. No spam please (NO CAPS)
6. Please chat in english.
7. Have fun!

Contact me at mustardplays83@gmail.com.

Friend Codes
Epic Launcher: MustardPlays
Nintendo Switch: I only add people who have sent me their friend code either on Twitter, Discord, Instagram or in a comment after the stream. I do not add people during the stream. I will add you after!
Xbox One: Mustard Plays
Steam: MustardPlays

Road to 100 Solo Wins in FREE FORTNITE BATTLE ROYALE! 94 wins, 1800+ kills!