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The Nintendo Switch Pro version is slated to be coming out in summer 2020, just a tad earlier than their PS5 and Xbox series X console competitors for the holidays. This is all you need to know about Mario’s new handheld console.

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You’ve heard the rumors and now we have even more reason to believe that an enhanced version of the Nintendo Switch will premiere sometime in 2020. While these are technically still rumors, they’ve been substantiated by a number of outlets, and fit into Nintendo’s past business patterns.

For instance, Nintendo has put out upgraded versions of their consoles before with the 3DS XL. It would also track for Nintendo to put out a more powerful system to compete with the upcoming PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X.

That’s why today TheGamer is going to take you through all the rumors surrounding the all but confirmed Nintendo Switch Pro. In this video we will go through a rumor round-up, how the system might fair in the console wars, and if the upgrade will be worthwhile for you. 2020 is set to be a wild year for gaming, and TheGamer is here to prepare you for everything that’s to come.


Why The Switch Pro Is Basically Confirmed
How The Switch Pro Will Be A Step Up
How This New System Will Compete With Other Consoles
Is The Switch Pro Worth The Upgrade?


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