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Welcome to EPISODE 3 of the best gaming show on youtube! (says us..) This time around we have a fantastic Corsair special featuring 2 Corsair streamers – Cyborg Angel & Tashnarr – as well as an EPIC Hydro X custom watercooling build off! Introduced this year the Hydro X range of products is designed to make watercooling your PC easy. the question is ..does it? Our two streamers had never tried watercooling before so watch the episode to find out how they get on!
We also put our streamers through the NEXT LEVEL ULTIMATE GAMER CHALLENGE! 4 games chosen to test our competitors skills to the max. Who will win? Who will top our leader board at the end of the season? only time will tell!!

LIMITED TIME! — WIN a £3500 Corsair Hydro X gaming PC! – See here:

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