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✖ Track List:
0:00 David Schoenwetter – Manhunt
2:18 Cliff Lin – Fog of War
4:43 Jack Trammell – Critical Mass
7:00 Voicians – Revolver
9:47 Mark Nolan – Expiate The Sin
13:50 Danny Cocke – Reborn
16:39 Mark Nolan – Destroy The Giant
19:21 Tom Player – Speed
22:04 Tom Player – Desolation
26:39 Sebastian R. Komor – Timeless Heroes
29:38 Celldweller feat. James Dooley – The Wings of Icarus
32:34 Mega Drive – Zero Point Non-Response
37:53 Adam Fielding – Annihilate
40:47 Bullet Probe – Tempest
43:24 Danny Cocke – Reap What We Sow
45:40 Jack Trammell – Exit Strategy
47:55 Blue Stahli – Let’s Go
50:26 Jack Trammell – Echelon
52:49 Cliff Lin – Revelation
55:26 Kings & Creatures – As The Empire Falls
58:34 Jack Trammell – Filthy

Thanks to Bianca T. for creating timestamps.

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