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The Gaming News Aggregator is a Windows 8 Store App that combines news feeds from the TOP gaming websites including: Joystiq, Polygon, IGN and more!  Once combined, the articles are presented in a simple-to-use rich-media interface, navigated easily with a mouse on your Windows 8 Desktop Computer, or with your fingers on a Windows 8 Tablet Device such as the Microsoft Surface Pro!
• Aggregation — Aggregate view of recent articles from the TOP gaming websites!
• Custom Filters — Quickly create and enable or disable at your leisure, custom filters to quickly to get the content you’re looking for, such as “E3″ or “Xbox One”!
• Feed Management — Quickly enable or disable which websites you want to receive articles from.  Don’t like IGN, no problem, simply click the IGN button to disable the feed!
• Social Media Sharing — Share Articles that you enjoy quickly with friends and family via Windows 8 Share Interface.
• Free! — Enjoy the application for free with non-intrusive advertisements cleverly combined with the aggregate feed.


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