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None of these are the full songs, just snippets mixed together. Knife in the Dark is most of the song (because it’s epic)

00:00 – The Shadow of the Past (F)
00:55 – The Treason of Isenguard (F)
01:54 – A Knife in the Dark (F)
05:00 – The Bridge of Khazad-dum (F)
09:17 – Amon Hen (F)
11:17 – Helm’s Deep (TT)

I took my favorite parts of some of the soundtracks and made an awesome mashup. All audio present in this video is from the CD soundtracks by Howard Shore. The first pic is a still from the movie, from New Line Cinema. The second is fanart I found through Google image search. Do yourself the favor of buying all 3 CDs! The music is incredible.