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Logitech G604: 150% accuracy with 4 shots, hit 6 times. Is this the greatest gaming mouse ever?


Pretty funny to see though.

Love mice with infinite scroll wheels, but the design flare on the back right side is a bit of a killer for this one. It’s also a bit heavy.

So it’s not a full in depth review because I don’t really think of it as a “gaming mouse”, but wanted to give some thoughts anyway for those interested. The Logitech G502 LIGHTSPEED is the better option but also more expensive, unless you really need those extra side buttons (3 more) and want a mouse that runs on AA Batteries (lasts a lot longer).

The performance is outstanding as you’d expect from Logitech wireless. Any difference shouldn’t be noticeable and it performs very well in the latency tests. The Hero sensor is among the best and great for saving power too.

So the Logitech G604 “gaming mouse” is a solid mouse, just not really for gaming other than maybe MMOs or your preference is for relatively heavy mice with awkward designs on the right back side (131 grip might be ok?). It is a great productivity mouse though, just wish they designed that right side differently.

That said, the highlights are actually really good! (See end 6 minutes of the video).

Mouse Sensor Testing Reference Video:

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