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Tight on budget? But want to be part of the PC Master Race, yet remain discreet?

Here’s the Lenovo L340 Gaming.

The L340 Gaming boasts respectable specs, featuring an Intel Core i7-9750H and an Nvidia GTX 1650. Now don’t dismiss the 1650 just yet, you will be pleasantly surprised at the performance, despite how many games you can throw right at it, especially at 1080p.

If you’re into eSports titles, this will definitely handle it just fine.

And honestly, for its price? It’s a serious contender to think about.

*Prices mentioned are based as of 12th September 2019, Singapore

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Shot on Canon

Connected by Giga!

Lighting by Broncolor

Editor/Producer – Soon Kai Hong
Camera – Rahidah
Video Editor – Niki

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To know more about the Lenovo L340 Gaming

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Thanks to Lenovo Singapore for letting us try the L340 Gaming