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Got more than one gaming PC at home, or share the internet with other gamers?
If you do then you know about the downsides of having multiple people in your LAN download the same games and patches. Especially when you don’t have gigabit internet or have a data cap to deal with.

In today’s video I will show you how to fix that by setting up a LAN Cache on an old PC or a Virtual Machine from which your clients will grab games and patches!

#note: The LanCache developers pointed out to me that you should only use the LanCache as DNS Server. If you also have an alternative DNS server assigned on the client (or inside the DHCP options of your router) then it can happen that the client uses the alternative DNS Server and so the cache won’t be used.
This did not occur during my testing, however to be on the safe side I recommend to follow the instructions of the develpers and not assign an alternative DNS Server.

Hope you enjoy it!

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