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Enjoy this 1-Hour epic music mix, epic futuristic music. From Inspirational space music to powerful sci-fi hybrid music.
Don’t know what that is? Just let it capture you. It will.


00:00 Position Music – A Moment Of Falling
01:48 Revolt Production Music – Paradigm (Philippe Briand & Gabriel Saban) )
03:29 Jeremiah Pena – Into the Singularity
05:40 Position Music – Into The Blinding Silence
07:53 Revolt Production Music – Dream Or Reality (Philippe Briand & Gabriel Saban)
10:12 Jeremiah Pena – Collapse Reality (No Vocals)
12:41 Revolt Production Music – Cygnus
14:33 Twelve Titans Music – Dreaming In Technicolor
16:59 Revolt Production Music – Final Hours (Philippe Briand & Gabriel Saban)
19:11 Position Music – Quantum
22:24 Position Music – Radiate
26:34 Revolt Production Music – Written In The Shadows (Philippe Briand & Gabriel Saban)
28:24 Twelve Titans Music Empty Spaces
30:59 Revolt Production Music – Heart Of Eternity (Philippe Briand & Gabriel Saban)
32:52 Jeremiah Pena – Pillars of Creation
36:06 Elephant Music – Amplitude
38:40 Twelve Titans Music – Gravity Wave
41:42 Position Music – Lumen
47:02 Revolt Production Music – Event Horizon
49:10 Elephant Music – Supernova
51:29 Max Legend – Destiny
54:43 Position Music – Aberration
57:49 Charles Evans – Gamma Draconis

00:00 Picture by Tohad
12:41 Picture by Markus “Braxxy” Brackelmann
28:24 Picture by cat-meff
41:42 Picture by 2buiArt

(Animation / VFX created by me Pandora Journey)


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