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Facing slow or dull download speed in Epic Games Launcher? Well here is the best way how you can increase literally double, triple, or even quadruple your download speed in Epic Games Launcher!

Here is everything mentioned in the video:
1. Engine.ini code fragment:
How to get to this file?
First open ‘Run’ and type in “%localappdata%” and press enter!
Now head into the folder called EpicGamesLauncher, then into saved, then config, and then Windows, and then finally open Engine.ini

[HTTP] HttpTimeout=10 HttpConnectionTimeout=10 HttpReceiveTimeout=10 HttpSendTimeout=10


2. Ports to exclude
5222, 443, 80

3. Flushing DNS in CMD
Use ‘cls’ for clearing screen
Command: ipconfig /flushdns

4. DNS Addresses for GoogleDNS and OpenDNS
Google Preferred:
Google Alternate:

OpenDNS Preferred:
OpenDNS Alternate:

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