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I Got Sent the WORST BUDGET PC EVER! – What’s up guys! ProdiJay here, and today, I do a review on an overpriced PC sent to me. The content I make for you guys goes around the topic of “budget”, but when I got sent this ~$500 and did further testing and research, I discovered that this PC was being sold at an unfair price. This video is quite different from my other review videos as I am more honest with my opinions on the product.

When I see something priced at a nice budget, I tend to check it out, but as normal, I make sure to do my research because there are always some sellers that try to scam people for their money, and this is quite common for prebuilt PCs. Most of the time, people will buy these “deals” because the advertiser includes RGB lighting for the PC, making it look cooler, but that does tend to distract people from the actual specs of the PC.

In the end, I hope this video can educate some people when deciding to buy a prebuilt PC.


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