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Hardware news discusses the new 748,000-core Archer 2 Supercomputer (using AMD Epyc), and Aldi’s gaming PC — assuredly similarly capable to Archer 2.
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Show notes:

Topics this week include:

– Threadripper 3 credible leaks to GN, including TDP, tCTL Max, and naming of chipsets
– Rumors of Intel’s i3 becoming “i7” CPUs
– PCIe Gen 6 for 2021
– TSMC’s lead time for 16nm process has increased, following previous delays for 7nm process
– Aldi wants to sell gaming PCs alongside its generic groceries
– The Archer 2 Supercomputer will use 11,696 AMD Epyc CPUs

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Host: Steve Burke
Editorial: Eric Hamilton
Video: Josh Svoboda, Andrew Coleman

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