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Hardware news this week features AMD’s bipolar decisions on open source philosophy for its Radeon Rays GPUOpen solution, alongside discussion of unpatchable Thunderbolt attacks.
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Hardware news has been busy this week, as always, mostly for discussion of Unreal Engine 5’s major advancements in game graphics, the PS5’s impressive storage solution, Samsung’s new 6.5GB/s SSD (in read, at least), and for AMD marketing’s inability to go 5 days without controversy.


00:00 – Recapping the Week
01:10 – GamersNexus Wireframe Mouse Mat Launch!
05:19 – Computex Might Lose Intel, AMD, NVIDIA for 2020
07:28 – AMD Goes Back on Open Source Promise, then 180s
12:36 – AMD GPUOpen and New FidelityFX for RDNA
15:09 – US Wants Chipmakers in the US
17:41 – Unpatchable Thunderspy Attack
19:47 – Unreal Engine 5 News
22:06 – Epic CEO Notes PC Must Catch-Up to PS5
23:36 – Samsung 6.5GB/s SSD Read Speeds

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Editorial: Eric Hamilton
Video: Keegan Gallick, Andrew Coleman