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A shout-out to some of my favourite gaming channels that are run by women. Links to all the channels are below (so open this!)

This video is to celebrate hitting 10,000 subscribers – I want to share the love a bit and answer all those commenters who act like women making game videos are some kind of unicorns. There are lots of us, and we’re all great 🙂

Channels mentioned:
Critique Quest –

Pelvic Gaming –

Kimchica –

Cidsa Dragoon Gaming –

SupaPixelGirl –

DariaPlaysRPGs –

Octav1us Kitten –

Femtrooper –

Pushing Up Roses –

The music in this video is from ChronoTrigger. I also used clips from each of the channels I mentioned (they’re all linked above, go watch the full videos!).

Intro artwork by:

“Cantina Blues” Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0