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Are you getting the “You’re account is unable to download any more free games at this time” and “This product is currently unavailable in your region”? This method works in downloading region locked games (especially for those who want to download GTA V but can’t).

DotVPN Chrome Extension:

Make sure to use Google Chrome. Written steps down below on the working method how to bypass Epic Games Store’s region lock message and download, install, claim the offer Grand Theft Auto V – GTA V for free. This method works as of May 2020.

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Steps (Use Google Chrome):
1. Change your account region
2. Turn on your VPN
3. Go to the GTA V page and continue until the checkout page.
4. Turn off the VPN
5. Hit Purchase.

If your account have a purchase history (you purchased a game with real money), you won’t be able to change your account region. To still bypass the region lock, try skipping the first step and continute to the 3rd step. If it still doesn’t work, you need to contact EpicGames themselves and request to have your region updated. [Props to my friend Heaven for the method!]