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Game Theory Theme Played With Water Glasses!? Game Theory has an awesome theme so today on Epic Game Music I revisit this awesome song. The OST was composed by SpellingPhailer. This is a remix of a song entitled “Science Blaster”. Enjoy my Game Theory theme guitar remix.

Game Theory is a show on The Game Theorists, and was the first and most popular show on the channel. It was created and is hosted by Matthew Patrick and has been edited by a few people, such as Ronnie Edwards.
Game Theory focuses on applying science, mathematics, and history to gaming, although it has often explored a game’s lore, and the gaming community itself. It was created in 2011, with its first episode about the time travel mechanics of Chrono Trigger. To date, Game Theory has remained The Game Theorists’ most popular series.

In 2009, Matthew Patrick set up his YouTube channel matthewpatrick13. He originally used it for uploading audition videos and videos of plays he was in. After ending his career in acting, he uploaded a promotional trailer for a new series titled Game Theory, inspired by The Escapist’s show Extra Credits, specifically their episode Tangential Learning – How Games Can Teach Us While We Play. As MatPat put it, the show was to be “gaming’s tangential learning experience”. The first episode of Game Theory covered the aspects of time travel in Chrono Trigger and was uploaded on April 18, 2011. The new show was originally uploaded to three sites: YouTube, GameTrailers, and ScewAttack!, until MatPat decided to solely upload on his YouTube channel.

Matthew Robert “Matt” Patrick, also known by his nickname MatPat, is an American YouTube educator, live streamer, and media researcher and theorist who has co-created multiple YouTube channels with his wife Stephanie Cordato. MatPat’s first and most popular channel is The Game Theorists, a hub in which he and several other content creators upload edutaining videos about gaming. MatPat himself hosts Game Theory, the channel’s main show, in which he posts theories backed by research about aspects of games, including their lore and scientific, mathematical and historical aspects. The Film Theorists, his spin-off second channel, is where he hosts Film Theory, a Game Theory spin-off focusing instead on cinema and television. GTLive, MatPat’s third channel, GTLive, is where he and Stephanie archive livestreams, which go live at 4:00 pm PST every weekday.

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