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Fornite is Dead! Or Fortnite is Dying, whichever you want to call it. I think we can all agree that Fortnite is Trash. YouTube views for Fortnite are down, Twitch Viewers are down, and overall people are starting to realized that Fortnite is just a bad game or are finding it boring. Epic Games, the owner of everyone’s favorite PC Gaming marketplace the Epic Games Store, is desperate to do anything to keep the game relevant. This has prompted them to add the new Harley Quinn skin to the game as part of the Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 update Love and War. this Fortnite Harley Quinn makes it pretty obvious to see what Epic Games was looking to do when they released this skin. You can literally smell the desperation as Epic attempts to milk the last bit of money out of their dying game as possible.

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