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Epic Games, the company behind the massively popular Fortnite franchise, declared Battle Royale on Apple and Google this week, flagrantly defying both platforms’ locked-down in-app payment policies. In retaliation, Apple and Google kicked Fortnight off the App and Play stores. Which is… pretty much exactly what Epic was waiting for. Because they sued. Instantly. Not for money. Not to get back onto the stores. Not even to get their own payment options. No. But to get their own store.




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0:00 – Intro
0:55 – Why Epic’s hates App & Play Store policy
6:10 – The Fortnite Mega Drop
6:47 – Apple & Google’s 30% Cut
10:55 – Why Fortnite got banned by Apple & Google
16:02 – Why Epic sued Apple & Google
17:06 – Why Epic went to war NOW
17:35 – Are Apple & Google monopolies?
19:40 – Meet Epic’s all-star lawyers
20:11 – Tim Sweeney’s Epic tweets
23:50 – The fate of Fortnite… so far


Fortnite ditches Google Play Store:

Computer vs. console:

Sony buys stake in Epic:

Nintendo using Unreal Engine 4:

Epic hearts Microsoft:

Epic vs. Google:

Fortnite on Samsung:

App Store Guidelines:

Apple statement on Fortnite:

Google statement on Fortnite:

Fortnite ’1984’ parody:

Epic vs. Apple:

Epic ‘FreeFortnite’ PR:

Apple eBook case:

Amazon eBook share:

Microsoft browser ballot:

Chrome desktop browser share:

Mozilla Firefox job cuts:

Global iOS share:

83% iPhone Share for U.S. teens:

Yelp! vs. Google:

Skyhook vs. Google:

Epic’s Lawyers:

Tim Sweeney on Twitter:

Epic Game Store revenue sharing:


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