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Hello Everyone ,
As you all might already know that Epic games have patched the moded apk method which was used to unlock higher FPS in Fortnite Android. This game is very poorly optimised for not all but majority of android players .
Many people have tried various methods to run the game smoothly on Android Devices .. but epic has patched almost all of them .
The moded that were optimised by NBZ Games have been patched by EPIC GAMES .So you can no longer play any match using those apk , as soon as you jump from the bus , you will get kicked from the match and there is no solution to it yet . Still NBZ is trying to bypass the signature so that we can resume playing using those apk . However until this problem is fixed and we get an update to it , what all fortnite android players can do is mass report this problem to epic games i.e. low Fames per second , high ping , packet loss and alot of lag .
Hopefully they take attention to this problem and would take action for optimising this game for all android devices .
Also , use the following hashtags :

I would also appreciate if other Fortnite Android Creators could share and spread the word ….

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I hope that you Enjoyed 🙂
Thank You and Stay Safe !