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For the first time ever it seems that Zombies will be getting its own limited time seasonal event that will make actual changes to the Zombies mode and map when it’s active!

1. Recent images, assets and sound files found within Cold War Zombies after the most recent update indicate that a new seasonal event will make its way into Zombies for the first time ever!
This new event will change the look of the Zombies on the map and introduce new powerups and game mechanics while the event is active.
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2. Players are noticing that they are able to purchase a new Battle Pass within Black Ops Cold War Zombies but it seems that this is just a major bug in the game right now. This placeholder battle pass can be bought with COD Points but will not give the player anything in return.

3. A new addition to the Zombies Main Menu has been spotted showing that customizable wearable items will be able to be displayed and used in Zombies when they are added into the game with the Season 1 DLC update.

4. A Zombies Twitch streamer noticed that a blue power up had spawned into their game after completing the Easter Egg to receive the Wonder weapon on the map.
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5. It seems like the Custom Mutations menu is fully assessable in Cold War Zombies through a glitched method. This menu has a whole suite of features that was available in past Black Ops games to edit your custom Zombies matches but has yet to be released publically into the game at this time.

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6. A Reddit user has made a new friend in the form of Brucie the Megaton Boss Zombie and they have agreed to escape the map together.

0:00 Secret Zombies Event Added
1:05 Limited Time Seasonal Zombies Version
2:00 Alternate Version of Die Maschine
2:35 The New Map Version Release Time
3:10 Massive Warning For Zombies Players
4:18 New Addition to the Zombies Main Menu
4:48 Blue Electric Powerup Spotted
5:40 Custom Mutations in Cold War Found
6:36 Huge New Friendly Boss Zombie Brucie
7:05 Raygun Weird On Screen Effect
7:55 Treyarch Responds
8:15 New Gameplay Trailer Dropping

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