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Ex-EPIC GAMES Employee Leaked Truth then Deleted
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We thought we knew what would happen in the new update for Season 11 live event or Fortnite Chapter 2 but wait until you see what this ex Epic Games employee leaked and what the new season will look like if it’s all true. Do you think it’s legit? Ninja, Tfue, and tons of pros react to the new Italian Chapter 2 app store image thinking that it might mean a new map but does this new map actually look that much different than what we have now? Do NOT miss the end of this!


Epic Exposed by Ninja for..:

Nerf Controller Sensitivity!:

Ninja RageQUIT Immediately After This:

The Truth ABOUT Tfue:

Daequan and Ninja Can’t Believe This:

Ninja, Nickmercs, Faze Sway Can’t Believe It:

Epic Tried but It’s Too Late:

Pros are DONE With Fortnite:

Ninja Exposes the Real Reason..:

Pros Uninstalling and Boycotting Fortnite:

Ninja Screams at Epic:

Epic Being Sued Over This Now:

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