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We had a chance to go to Escape Room Palm Springs in sunny, sunny, WAY too sunny Palm Springs, and we loved it. Not just because they had killer air conditioning blasting, but because it was just so much fun.

Unlike a lot of Escape Rooms, they don’t actually lock you in, and they’re happy to offer you as many hints as you need. For n00bs like us, that was ideal, since the things most obvious were often right in front of us, but we just couldn’t see them.

For adults, co-workers, or a group of friends, yeah, it’s ideal. But what surprised us was how much fun it was for parents with kids.

There were clues us elders could see that we wanted to see the youngsters discover on their own, and it was really fun to watch them come to those realizations.

Our room hosts were great (yeah, we did more than one room,) and I can see why this place has such glowing reviews on Trip Advisor. They have a really great attraction and do really great work of it.

Check them out at and no matter what you do, have fun with it, because whether we advise it or not, you’re gonna.