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The Art Of War (Original Mix). Composed, arranged, mixed and mastered by Matias Puumala.

Use this track for free in your Youtube videos, game/film trailers or in marketing campaigns. For commercial use, get a license here: or Music is registered in Youtube Content ID, you can remove any claims and enable monetization by acquiring the commercial license.

“The Art Of War, also known as Epic Hybrid Trailer, is a modern aggressive epic hybrid music trailer track with both organic orchestral and gritty digital synth elements. Choir, thunderous percussion, hard hitting electric drums, epic sweeping melody and a full orchestra create an epic Hollywood trailer sound, perfect fit for the silver screen and film trailer, game trailer and other epic trailer production seeking an instant intense emotional response. Take your project even one step higher with memorable and hard hitting epic hybrid music trailer soundtrack that will captivate and blow away your audience.”

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