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The BEST $250 BUDGET Gaming PC Build for 2016. This $200 is the best budget build for the money for smashing games in your steam or origin library, such as those from Valve: CS:GO, and Dota 2. This build is a very capable build at both 720p and especially 1080p HD resolutions, but will happily achieve higher frame rates as high as 70FPS and 80FPS at Medium settings at 720p HD resolutions. For games such as League of Legends, Need for Speed, Minecraft and World of Warcraft is build is ideal, not to mention the high frame rates in CS:GO unto 100FPS (at 720p)! This made possible by the CPU, an AMD A10 7700, which doubles as the graphics chip for this build (an APU). This chip is on fact one of AMD’s highest end APUs!. It has 4 cores allowing compatibility for the latest AAA titles such as The Witcher 3 (Game of the Year 2015), GTA V, Battlefield 4 & Battlefield Hardline and Star Wars Battlefront. Due to the fact the APU also doubles as the graphics card and graphics chip for this build. This APU chip from AMD is also overclockable, but comes out of the box, stock, clocked at a very healthy 3.4GHz! Two 4GB dimms of A-Data XPG V2 (2 x 4GB) gives the APU dual channel performance and twice the bandwidth for the APU. The blazing fast DDR3 2433MHz clock speed also increases APU performance as a dedicated graphics card would normally have its own on board super fast GDDR5 memory! The motherboard, which houses and connects all other components is the Asus A68HM-EK motherboard, in a small compact Micro ATX form factor it not only is small enough to fit in a small chases but also high enough value to be justified within this budget gaming pc build for 2016/ The motherboard has all necessary features, including PCI-E 3.0 x16 (allowing room for a graphics card such as an R7 360, R7 370, GTX 950 or GTX 960 later on down the line), USB 3.0 and 2.0 giving both legacy support and super fast transfer speeds and Sata 3, 6Gbit/s to connect the 1TB Seagate Barracuda hard drive (giving the same capacity as the next gen consoles!) an allowing you take advantage of super fast SSD speeds later on down the line! All of these components housed in the Apex TX-381 Micro ATX Mid Tower case with an included 300W power supply and carrying handle! The Micro ATX form factor of the case allows housing of the motherboard and connect of a graphics cards, whilst keeping a compact form factor. This build truly is a console killer for $250!

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