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Epic Battle Heroic Music. Epic Legendary Intense Heroic Dramatic Music Mix. UEM
00:00 Jesús Martín – Assassins Creed Odyssey
02:45 Ansia Orchestra – Alla till mig!
06:31 Kkev Music Production – omen
09:25 Lycan Studios – Dominate
13:38 Angel Santoyo – Armageddon
15:31 Makai Symphony – Battle of Giants
17:42 Benedict Tan – For My People
21:26 Lycan Studios -The Chimera
23:15 Ender Güney – Knight Rider
25:47 Steve Henrichs – Epic Strings
27:55 The Epic Composer – The Two Sides Advance
32:21 Ender Guney – For You King
35:48 Lycan Studios – Light The Fires
38:57 Makai Symphony – Brave Soul
41:11 Stratos Music – ARCHANGEL
43:44 Thomas Priem – Guardians Of The Fallen
48:10 Ender Güney – Raid
50:46 Lycan Studios – Raise The Colours
53:16 Stratos Music – Ocean Storm
55:34 Stratos Music – The Soldier
57:56 Yazid Septiansyah – Middle Earth



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