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In this video I’ll be showing you and explaining the part selection and choices for the best 500 gaming PC for Deceber 2015! his build is easily capable of running the latest AAA titles at 1080p, Ultra, 60FOPS. the 6 core CPU gives you the edge in multi-threaded workloads, including many of the latest AAA titles. Clocked at a very nice 3.9GHz but also overclockable the CPU is a great choice from AMD, the AMD FX6350. The motherboard sport both USB 3.0 and Dual channel support. The SSD and HDD choices, Kingston SSD Now v300 120GB gives a super snappy C: drive and boot drive and the 1TB Seate Barracuda (WD Blue 1TB could also be used) gives a load of mass storage for all your movies, music and of course games. The 600W power supply keeps the system all juiced up and the 2 x 4GB DIMMs allow for both a 16GB upgrade path later on down the line as well as more than adequate gaming performance. The MSI GTX 960 comes in an insanely sick green and black colour scheme, with a very sexy backplate, and 2GB of VRAM – perfect for 1080p! All of this housed inside the sleek and simple Fractal Design Core 1100 with USB 3.0!

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GeekaWhat – PC Builds, in the US and UK currencies (£-GBP + $-USD) from $200 (£150) to fully fledged setups of 16K!

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