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The new 256gb odriod xu4 image by Wolfanoz. Retro gaming at its finest. Finally, a single board computer that can handle dreamcast, nintendo 64, psp, sega saturn, and more! ALL THE WHILE keeping all the functionality and customization of Retropie.
Using team ORA base Odriod image Wolfanoz loaded it up and brought us this tuned up loaded image. Includes Nintendo, Sega, Playstation, mame, arcade, Cd games, arcade classics, sega saturn, nintendo 64, sega genesis, nintendo ds, gameboy advanced, and way more! Well optimized with video snaps, screen savers, bezels, 28+ systems and 7,000+ titles.

on Arcadepunks website

Hardware to buy for this build:
Odroid Board w/ Power:
256gb Micro sd card:
Case (optional but awesome):

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Raspberry Pie 3 KIT 1.4GHZ KIT |
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400gb micro sd |
256gb micro sd |
200gb micro sd |
128gb micro sd |
64gb micro sd |
32gb micro sd |
16gb micro sd |

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Do Everything Wireless Controller |
Classic SNES Style |
Slick Controller Wi U |
Serious Contender |
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Xbox 360 Controller |
Killer Wired Controller |

Capture Card |
Computer |
WebCam |
Headset |
Mic |
Tripod |
Nice SLR Camera |
Nice SLR Camera Lens |
Keyboard |
Mouse |
Backdrop support |
Green Screen |

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