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My “Amazing” Youtube Setup And Gaming Setup!

In this video i’m showing the world how my epic (Well atleast that’s what i think of it) Youtube setup, gaming setup looks like. You can also call it a desk tour or room tour whatever you like. Also this amazing gaming setup is from a 15 year old boy in holland. From all the gaming setups i’ve seen or the youtube setups, desk tours, room tours, etc. this is not even close to the best, but it’s still epic in my opninion, especially for a 15 year old kid! The most epic part of my setup is imo the clean look of it and the cable management since i have a lot of cables for all my youtube stuff like my microphone and elgato. I also really love the mouse which is the logitech g502 which is just really nice for editing. The 3 monitors, triple monitor setup i have is also really nice, although i don’t have 3 of the same monitors. We of course also can’t forgot the best part of this epic setup which is the beautful playstation 4. This setup also includes a dxracer chair and 3 softboxes, from which one is an umbrella softbox. As mic i use the blue yeti and as camera the canon 70D. But all in all i think it’s an amazing and epic youtube setup, gaming setup, desk and room for a 15 year old boy!

I’am really grateful to have been born in this amazing family and i will try to keep making entertaining youtube videos for you guys! Thanks for all the amazing support so far!

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Epic 15 Year Old’s Gaming/Youtube Setup!