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The BEST £1000 Gaming PC Build for 2016! This EPIC £1000 build will easily ssmash the latest AA titles at 1080P ULTRA, 1440P HIGH & 4K MEDIUM! The brand new, quad core Skylake CPU brings all of Intel’s latest features and 16GB of DDR4 in this build is more than enough for even the most demanding AAA titles! The 750W EVGA SuperNOVA is 80+ gold certified so is sure to save you money at the wall and protect your components! Hard drive and solid state storage gives a great balance between super fast boot up times and mass storage for all of your music, movies, music & games! And of course the graphics card, the killer GTX 980Ti! With 6GB of VRAM this card is a beast at 4K and performs basically on par with Nvidia’s highest end GPU, the Titan X. It will smash 1080P ultra in all the latest games and even reach resolutions of 4K!

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