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✖ Track List:
00:00:15 Celldweller – Just Like You
00:05:00 Mark Nolan – Edge of My Soul
00:08:43 Mark Nolan – Hunger Nothing
00:12:21 Mark Nolan – Purge Within And Break
00:15:41 Mark Nolan – Interbeing Unknown
00:19:03 Mark Nolan – Monarch
00:22:45 Mark Nolan – Out Of Ruin
00:25:57 Mark Nolan – Sentinel Awake
00:29:18 Mark Nolan – Hail Redeemer
00:33:38 Mark Nolan – Expiate The Sin
00:37:45 Mark Nolan – Rage And Fury
00:40:38 Mark Nolan – Transcend Now
00:44:05 Mark Nolan – Watch You Die
00:47:40 Adam Peters – Elite Hacker
00:51:12 Adam Peters – Disclosure
00:54:21 Adam Peters – Restitution
00:57:12 Adam Peters – Lossless
01:00:21 Adam Peters – Exposure

Thanks to Al Abrar for creating timestamps.

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Jeronimo Gomez

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