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NO censorship being confirmed for one of the stingiest regions when it comes to ratings, some new gang and corporation lore, UI and menu iteration, another gaming event coming soon featuring CD PROJEKT RED, and some examples of more of the adult themes in Cyberpunk 2077 from rating agencies all in today’s Cyberpunk 2077 News!

First up let’s jump into CDPR being confirmed for the Summer Games Fest, a new digital gaming conference led by the Video Game Awards leading man Geoff Kneighley. This convention will last 4 months and will feature in-game events, playable content, demos and surprises from your favorite devs and publishers. It is a whole season of events and the first phase has just been announced in terms of which developers will be present. Now phase 1 doesn’t mean the order in which content will be dropping but more along the lines of building up hype as each new phase they announce more devs. This conference will run from May to august and yes CD PROJEKT RED was announced in their first phase lineup along with the likes of PlayStation, Bethesda, Steam, Riot, Xbox, Bungie and Blizzard.

Moving on we have some great great news for Australia and likely the rest of the world in that the game was given an 18+ classification in Australia, there will not be censorship, and CDPR did not have to change anything to get a mature classification. Taking a look at each point from an Australian Kotaku article we have themes, violence and sex being rated 18+ under the high impact category, language and nudity is a tier down at strongly impactful, as well as drug use which was moderately impactful. Honestly pretty surprising judging by how prevalent this is in the Cyberpunk world. Now let’s compare this to the Witcher 3’s designation where it is uniform across the board, with Cyberpunk edging Witcher out in terms of high impact themes.

We also have a redacted Cyberpunk 2077 classification report where the board talks about some of the scenes to give us an idea on how they rated each of these metrics. Now there are not story spoilers here due to redacted pieces of text in the examples, but if you want to go into 2077 without knowing the minutia you might want to skip this part.

First the report notes that “there are virtually no restrictions on the treatment of themes” and that ‘the game contains no depictions of actual sexual activity nor does it contain explicit and realistic simulated sexual activity.” I’m not sure if I’m reading this wrong, but that would seem to suggest that the sex scenes are implied or that CDPR have cleverly shot their cutscenes to reflect this. Again, this is confusing, and they go on to contradict this in the article, so I’m going to chalk this up to a writing error.

Moving on we have confirmation that Not ALL cutscenes in Cyberpunk will be in first person.
In a quote the agency says “Cutscenes, including the game’s non interactive sex scenes, are primarily depicted from the first-person perspective.”

Moving onto specifics, there is a point where a player can hire male or female NPCs as prostitutes. The sequence is depicted from first person perspective with nudity visible as the NPC assumes sexual positions and poses.
You can also have first person scenes with other NPCs, that are likely not labelled as prostitutes.
The sequence uses a brief wide-angle depiction of full-frontal female nudity, to depict simulated sexual activity, again putting a huge whole in what was said earlier in this article.
During another quest, V enters a sex shop with mannequins that are posed inside glass cabinets in various sexual positions. Other, smaller cabinets contain a variety of sex toys or devices including a number of oversized phallic-shaped dildos.

Moving on players can choose to “inflict post-mortem damage on NPC corpses”. Arms, legs and heads of corpses can be detached with gunfire, with some stylized injuries and details of entrails and bone visibility in some cases.

Moving on we have some awesome new corporation and gang lore. First up CDPR tweeted about one of the fan favorite gangs the Tyger Claws, which are “a gang of Japanese origin and stylistic influence located in Japantown. They’re ruthless and violent in practice and intimidating in appearance. Katanas, street bikes and luminous tattoos are their trademarks.”

We also have Militech which is “one of the largest manufacturers of weapons and military vehicles in the world, they’ve worked closely with the American military and police agencies for years, providing high-grade weaponry and training.

Finally shout out to Madqueen and Miles tost for this UI and menu tidbit. Madqueen posted how she wasn’t a fan of the color of the menus from the Deep dive demo, which I agree with, to which Senior Level Designer Miles Tost responds with that he can’t say too much, but that games are iterative, implying this has been changed.

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