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CRAFT LEGEND: Epic Adventure Gameplay video (Android).
CRAFT LEGEND Epic Adventure Is a new free online multiplayer 3D sandbox on a shared global server.
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Size: ~1.2 GB
Release date: July, 2020
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■ Description

Craft Legend: Epic Adventure is a free online multiplayer 3D sandbox on a shared global server.

Immerse yourself in a beautiful sandbox world! Put together a team of trusty Heroes and go on epic adventures together! Conquer the world, battle monsters, accumulate wealth, and build a home for yourself!

6 Unique Biomes
Brave the Forest, Snowy, Desert, Blight, Jungle, and Volcanic Biomes, facing monsters and mechanics unique to each!

45 Heroes
Recruit over 45 Heroes, each with their very own skills!

12 Dungeons
Fight through 12 different beautifully handcrafted Dungeons! Solve puzzles, make difficult decisions, and enjoy this immersive RPG adventure!

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