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Buy it at Best Buy – (affiliate link) – Google’s Chromecast is a simple and inexpensive way to stream high quality video to a television. The new one improves wireless connectivity but has the same features as the old one.


00:43 – Comparison to old Chromecast
01:08 – Hardware overview
03:04 – Installation and boot time
04:10 – YouTube playback demonstration
05:42 – Plex demonstration
06:20 – Android screen mirroring demonstration
07:01 – Gaming and low latency screen updates
08:10 – Casting from a computer running Chrome
10:14 – Demo of the new Google Chromecast app
11:16 – Conclusion and final thoughts

Compared to the old Chromecast this new one looks a lot different but has the same feature set. It even performs about the same as the old one did in my tests. The new one does have a preemptive caching feature that will start videos faster based on what it thinks you’re about to play.

But it does offer support for faster AC wireless networks both at 5 and 2.4 ghz. The new design also might improve wireless reception thanks to its additional antennas and flexible cable that gives it some distance from the television. See my wireless 101 video to learn more about wireless tech:

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