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Tim and Greg talk about Tim Sweeney’s claims that the rev share model on the Epic Games Store will lead to cheaper games.

Time Stamps –
00:02:19 – Housekeeping
Vancouver Meet and Greet is TOMORROW! – May 4th –
The Roper Report –
00:05:21 – Could the Epic Store Lead to Lower Prices?
00:18:42 – Days Gone Sells Well in UK in April
00:25:56 – Anthem work continues
00:38:02 – Riot Games Drops mandatory arbitration
00:43:13 – New COD News Incoming
00:47:26 – Shari’s Berries
00:48:49 – ProFlowers
00:50:17 – Out today
Reader mail –
00:52:34 – “Is there anything you guys suggest I play on Xbox One?” – Alec Bobko
00:55:15 – “If you could have asked for any video game character to be “redesigned” which character would it have been?” – David Scott
00:58:14 – “Beyond Beat Saber what games are you excited to play on Oculus Quest?” – TommyBoy
00:58:54 – Squad Up: Kevin Zerner – Xbox One – Zoltan85
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